Selection of cunning ideas for arranging a summer residence

The tsars had a summer palace, but I had a dacha instead! I thought for a long time, looked in magazines and books, invented myself, and drew on a piece of paper on how to equip my summer cottage so that it was beautiful and functional. And then I went to visit a neighbor – and everything finally fell into place! Choose the best tools for your garden here https://pestcontrolhacks.com/

My neighbor, Anatoly Petrovich, a craftsman, and a good owner, it was he who shared with me sensible ideas for decorating a personal plot. It turns out that even on the usual five or six hundred square meters, you can set up a real recreation park and a place for growing delicious berries, fruits, and vegetables. And you can do it with your own hands, there would be a desire.

The dacha is distinguished from the magic garden by details, high-quality accessories, and an attentive attitude to everything that is on the site.


Today the editorial board of “So Simple!” will share with you an excellent selection of tricky ideas for arranging a summer cottage and a garden. Budgetary and not difficult at all. I did most of this myself, without my husband’s help!

  1. Every centimeter of the local area or garden area should be thought out to the smallest detail.
  2. I really like this idea of ​​organizing space for planting plants. Reasonable, ergonomic, and no one will tell you that you have trampled another seedling. After all, there is a place for everything: for land with plants, and for paths!
  3. I made such beauty myself – without the help of my husband and brother, and I am proud of it!
  4. And from these ideas, I’m just delighted. Perhaps I will embody something similar on my site!
  5. Old cans, pebbles, glue, and 2 hours of free time – and voilà, new beautiful pots for plants are ready! And I didn’t have to spend money on store pots …
  6. Of course, it will take male hands, building materials, and many hours of work to embody such beauty, but it is clearly worth it! If there is a gazebo at the dacha, then the rest is automatically a success: in it, you can hide from the rain and at the same time stay in the fresh air. You can create something unique from ordinary wood, even if it is unusual to paint and glaze the structure.
  7. Well, I easily implemented this idea with the children. All you need is stones big and small, acrylic paints, and some inspiration.
  8. One look is enough to instantly improve your mood!
  9. Stylish and very simple decor to create.
  10. Don’t rush to throw away old tires and plastic bottles. This is great material for arranging flower beds!
  11. Some more interesting ideas.
  12. Who would have thought that such beauty can be created from plastic bottle caps!


I also suggest you learn 20 brilliant ways to create your dream garden with old junk.

The example with old umbrellas, which after a short time turned into original flower beds, inspired me to show a little imagination and equip flower beds in the country from scrap materials!

Take a look at this collection of ideas and don’t say you didn’t like any of them. Do not spare your efforts to arrange the site – this is a haven that will hide you from the bustle of the city. If you implement most of these options, your garden will definitely become a local attraction!

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